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Gäz Kian

Sweet days and moments! with Gaz Kian

The motto of Gaz Kian is quality, freshness and an unforgettable taste. Try it yourself! We are proud to present several options of Gaz Isfahan. This authentic and beloved Iranian sweet and souvenir (Isfahan) with 450-

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Production of Gäz, suitable for all tastes

Made in Stockholm with the best raw materials

Gaz with pistachios and almonds produced with herbal additives for Gaz Kian and the best quality pistachios and almonds.
Söta dagar och stunder med Gaz Kian.

High quality

We use selected products of good quality. Your taste and your health are our priority

Natural honey

A "secret" is that we use natural honey and low sugar content in our products.

Satisfied customers

The fact that more than 98% of our customers are satisfied shows that we are on the right track.

For all tastes

We are pleased to receive very positive feedback from non-Iranians as well. Gaz Kian suits all tastes!
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Thanks to our many years of experience in the confectionery industry from Iran, Sweden, France, Switzerland and America, we can now offer high quality treats from our hometown Isfahan (Gaz), but made in Sweden with the best raw materials to serve our Persian friends abroad and everyone else who appreciates the exquisite taste.

Gaz Kian

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